Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is becoming increasingly common among middle-aged and older men. This disorder greatly interferes with the ability of a man to have an enjoyable and fulfilling reproductive life. Tadacip is a popular medication used to deal with erectile dysfunction.Below are some things you may not know about the use of this drug in dealing with ED and other male reproductive health problems.

Who should take tadacip tadalafil?

As mentioned, tadacip tadalafil the medication is meant for people that are suffering from erectile dysfunction (the inability to get and keep an erection). It is also prescribed for the following disorders:

Treating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Difficulties urinating.

Painful urination.

Blood pressure problems.

Above are the complications that the medication is commonly prescribed to treat. The medication can be prescribed for many other diseases and health conditions, depending on the Doctor in charge of the treatment.

How is the medication taken?

Tadacip is an oral pill. It is possible to take the pill with or without food. When you are taking the medication for sexual dysfunction, the doctor may recommend that you take the pills at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. Most doctors will also discourage taking the pill more than once every 24 hours. In case you are under medication for other conditions, it is possible to still take the medication, but, the doctor will prescribe a lighter dose of the treatment.


Does the medication have contraindications?

Other important points to note about taking the medication include:

While the medication is prescribed to manage and controlling blood pressure issues, it does not cure the condition. You should consult your doctor before stopping the treatment.


Follow the instructions of the Doctor very carefully when taking the medication. You should not be tempted to take more than one pill in an attempt to get better results.

In case there is anything about the usage instructions that you do not understand, the pharmacist will explain it to you.

Does the medication have side effects?

Just like any other medication, it is normal to expect some mild side effects from the medication. These include headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, double vision and flushing. However, if you notice serious side effects such as blurred vision, dizziness and an erection that lasts longer than four hour, you should contact a doctor immediately.


The information above is what you should know about this medication. It is essential to keep close contact with your doctor when taking this medication. For further details about this medication, go to Tadacip Tadalafil.